I receive comments and ideas from many different people.  When I look at the, I think how would I state them to a student.   Would I first tell them my job title and how great I am, then put them down, or would I just write how I feel and explain to them how they can improve and give them links and other people to contact to become better.

I feel to many times that we are all feeling like experts in school.  In many ways we are experts, but in reality we are all novices also.  The world we live in can change in a minute and we need to have the ability to adapt and work together to solve problems.

In grading and rubrics we also need to show people how to adapt to the materials in front of them.  What I see may be different that what another sees.  When we grade we need to find out about the whole student so we can make a proper assessment.

This is one of the biggest challenges in online learning.  How do we see the whole student, when sometimes we never see the student.  What happens if we only assess the knowledge through written quizzes and tests?   What happens to the students if we do not show them what we mean, as well as tell them and write to them.  Will we be missing some students in a time when we strive for no student left behind.
Please look at the videos and links below. This is a follow up to my last posts about blogs.


Rethinking Rubrics

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